May 14, 2016

A couple cars are out this weekend at Castrol testing in preperation for the 2016 race season. Their first points race is the first weekend of June.

Shane Reykdal and Jimmy Fersch were heating up the slicks. Go to the facebook page for a couple vids. Jimmy has Edmonton Top Alky veteran John Evanchuk veteran tuning the car this year. He ran a 6.70 Saturday.

Here is a shot of Shane loading up the car.


March 3-6, 2016


The race season is here, even for teams in the NW. There are a number of Alberta racers competing this weekend at the Good Vibration's March Meet, but only Joey Steckler from the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars assoc. is representing our group. He started off the event on Wednesday with a test n tune run and saw him light up the scoreboard with a 6.990. Almost a perfect test run. On Thursday in the first qualifier they detuned the car just a smidge, but it was still too fast, by a scant .001. Joey ran a 6.999 in the first qualifier. Too bad! In the second qualifier on Friday he ran a 7.13 (had no tach apparently). That put him in the #14 spot for elimination's. All they needed was that 6.99 tune-up and try and fender in the win at the stripe. Joey ran Ronny Lennon in the Barret Bantam in round one Lennon had an almost perfect light, .011 and ran a 7.05 to Joey's 7.11. It was a fun weekend that unfortunately ended a few rounds too early.


January 4, 2016


2016 will be a very exciting year for the series. All our events this year will include the IBAA. That group includes a half dozen blown alky funny cars and altereds and will likely compete with us at the Edmonton events, and possibly others. They are also welcome to be a part of our races outside of Castrol Raceway so the potential is for some large fields of tire smoking 200 mph floppers and altereds.

The schedule for the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars for 2016 is as follows:

Race #1 June 4-5th Edmonton

Race #2 July 15-17th Edmonton (Rocky Mountain Nationals)

Race #3 July 22-24th Mission (Canadian National Open)

Race #4 Aug 10th (Hot August Night) 2 exhibition runs only

Race #5 Aug 13-14th Edmonton

Race #6 Sept 3-4th Edmonton



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