July 26, 2016

The full story on Wednesday

Cal Tebb wins the Wally at Mission Raceway over Scott Bourdin.



Cal Tebb took on buddy Jimmy Fersch in the only semi final pairing. Fersch and crew chief John Evanchuk must have hopped it up a bit or the air and track got better as he crossed the finish line first but ran too quick going 6.748 on the 6.80 index. Tebb was strong going .083 on the tree and went 6.907/198 to get the win. A 6.80-6.866 to have gotten the win for Fersch.

The final round would see Scott Bourdin racing for his first ever Wally while Tebb has been to a few finals over the last 10 years.

Tebb got a huge. 097 holeshot and kept out in front, extending his lead right through the finish line going 6.932 to a 7.004. He took the stripe for the Road Hammers racing team by a tenth and a half.


Final qualifying

Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars

After final qualifying

1. Darrell Webb Edmonton AB 1970 Cuda 6.801/205.52
2. Cal Tebb Edmonton AB 1969 GTO 6.897 200.5
3. Coidy Anstead Edmonton AB 1969 Camaro 6.905 198.01
4. Scott Bourdin Calmar AB 1970 Acadian 6.973 198
5. Courtney Mageau Edmonton AB 55 T-Bird 7.025/172.54
6. Jimmy Fersch Dryton Valley AB 6.768 204.68
7. Shane Reykdal Edmonton AB 1979 Omni 6.750 204.34
8. Joey Steckler Edmonton AB 1069 Corvette 6.735 207.70
9. Norm Kolwich Edmonton AB 1053 Corvette 6.622 200.71


July 18, 2016

The weather issues on Sunday forced the semi finals and finals of elimination's to be played out later this summer. Joey is the only driver left from the Rocky teams. Darrell Webb and two Ace Altereds are also left to race for the title.

July 17, 2016

6:30pm update

In round one, Weich, Kolwich, Reykdal and Steckler advance from the Rocky group. Sitko, Webb, Pelrine and Vanace also advanced to the second round.

4:00pm update

Three pairs made it done track in round one of elimination's before the rain hit. They are drying the track right now and hopefully they will get a good portion done tonight. Al Weich, Norm Kolwich and Mark Vanance have all advanced.

July 16, 2016

Final qualifying in the 6.95 class at the Rocky's.

Al Weich had his act together Saturday for the 6.95 index class at the Rocky Mountain Nationals. That was a bit of a surprise but kudos to Al and his team.


Also a bit surprising was Cory Kincaid right on his heels with a 6.970. His early best was a 7.28.


To no surprise, Cal Tebb was right near the top of the heap as well. He also went 6.97 (with a 2). The next three on the ladder race in the IBAA deal and they were Cody Anstead, MArk Vanance and Troy Sitko. Joey Steckler and Jimmy Fersch rounded out the top eight in the 16 car field.



July 6, 2016

Lat week four of the Rocky Mountain guys were in Billings for their Big Sky Nationals.

The four members from the Rocky Mountain Floppers were Shane Reykdal, Norm Kolwich, Cal Tebb and Jimmy Fersch were the lucky guys chosen.

Friday racing was postponed due to extremely high winds. Saturday started out winding again but subsided enough for us to make three runs at 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. Every pass the fans were treated with some long side by side burnouts and some close side by side runs. First pass everyone was a little tentative because of the conditions. Very high corrected altitude.

Norm ran the best that round with a 6.86 second pass. The second pass of the day everyone stepped up a bit with Shane running a 6.97 second pass. Norm was on a good pass till a broken airline slowed him down.

Jimmy was on a great run till he had some mechanical problems as well. Call ended up running the quick run of the round with a 6.78 second pass. On the final passes of the day Shane and Jimmy were up first with Shane running a 6.77 second pass and Jimmy was right there until his car got a little out of shape on the transition bump.

Cal and Norm finished off the day with both cars running strong but Cal coming out on top with the quick pass of the weekend with a 6.73 second pass. We want to thank everyone at Yellowstone Drag Strip, all the staff, and fans were awesome. We had a great time and hope to get a chance to go back there soon.


June 10, 2016

The RMNFC series hosted the first race of the season this past weekend at their home track Castrol Raceway in Edmonton. For the 2016 season three different racing groups are running under the same umbrella at the Castrol events. The RMNFC, the IBAA and the Ace Racing series. The competitors are primarily Funny Cars but also included Altereds, RED's and FED's.

In the end it was a battle of wily veteran Joey Steckler and fourth year Altered driver Troy Sitko. In index racing visibility is crucial on the top end as he or she can make decisions whether or not to lift based on where your opponent is. The Altereds and dragster have a clear advantage in these types of races so it is important for the funny cars to be solid on the tree and have their tune-up dialed in. The Rocky floppers have has rules designed around being a drivers race with no electronics or starting line throttle assists. The rules are set up pretty soft right now trying to integrate the three groups and the IBAA series rules are similar.

The other change for the Rocky group is they have to slow down their cars to come closer to what the other two groups are normally running. So it is a lot of adjustments for the Rocky teams.

To start qualifying a couple teams had even bigger adjustments as well. Norm Kolwich was debuting a new chassis and engine combination under his Corvette. He appeared to have a magic set-up early though as he qualified #1 with a dead on 6.95.

In elimination's though, he did struggle with setting the car up for consistency. Shane Reykdal also had a new combo, but his issues were making too much horsepower and he ran too quick most of the weekend. Jimmy Fersch has a new tune-up for the 2016 season.

It is veteran Top Alky driver/owner John Evanchuk. They also struggled trying to get the car to repeat the slower 6.95 index. Joey was dialed in pretty close all weekend long and it did pay off as he did make it to the final round in the 14 car field.

Joey ran slightly too quick in the final going 6.93 on the 6.95 index. Shane and Norm both ran too quick in round one and were done early. Ron got a win in the opening round along with Joey. Ron's weekend was done in round two when he red lit.

It was a pretty good weekend five Rocky teams running in the opening weekend. The Rocky race is just a month away and Cal Tebb, Dory Kincaid, Al Weich and David Brant will likely all be in attendance representing the flopper contingent. There should be well over 16 cars competing for the 16 car field.

Thanks To Nina Fay Smith-Garron and Todd Young for the photos.

May 14, 2016

A couple cars are out this weekend at Castrol testing in preperation for the 2016 race season. Their first points race is the first weekend of June.

Shane Reykdal and Jimmy Fersch were heating up the slicks. Go to the facebook page for a couple vids. Jimmy has Edmonton Top Alky veteran John Evanchuk veteran tuning the car this year. He ran a 6.70 Saturday.

Here is a shot of Shane loading up the car.


March 3-6, 2016


The race season is here, even for teams in the NW. There are a number of Alberta racers competing this weekend at the Good Vibration's March Meet, but only Joey Steckler from the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars assoc. is representing our group. He started off the event on Wednesday with a test n tune run and saw him light up the scoreboard with a 6.990. Almost a perfect test run. On Thursday in the first qualifier they detuned the car just a smidge, but it was still too fast, by a scant .001. Joey ran a 6.999 in the first qualifier. Too bad! In the second qualifier on Friday he ran a 7.13 (had no tach apparently). That put him in the #14 spot for elimination's. All they needed was that 6.99 tune-up and try and fender in the win at the stripe. Joey ran Ronny Lennon in the Barret Bantam in round one Lennon had an almost perfect light, .011 and ran a 7.05 to Joey's 7.11. It was a fun weekend that unfortunately ended a few rounds too early.


January 4, 2016


2016 will be a very exciting year for the series. All our events this year will include the IBAA. That group includes a half dozen blown alky funny cars and altereds and will likely compete with us at the Edmonton events, and possibly others. They are also welcome to be a part of our races outside of Castrol Raceway so the potential is for some large fields of tire smoking 200 mph floppers and altereds.

The schedule for the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars for 2016 is as follows:

Race #1 June 4-5th Edmonton

Race #2 July 15-17th Edmonton (Rocky Mountain Nationals)

Race #3 July 22-24th Mission (Canadian National Open)

Race #4 Aug 10th (Hot August Night) 2 exhibition runs only

Race #5 Aug 13-14th Edmonton

Race #6 Sept 3-4th Edmonton



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